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November 18, 2009

by mashamgallery

Make – At – Home Project Two

Easy-Peasy Button Bracelet

Welcome to the long-awaited second installment of Make – At – Home with Masham Gallery! Following the success of our last step-by-step creative guide, we’ve chosen another beautiful and simple piece of eye-catching jewellery, made entirely from bits and pieces we all have lying around the house! Enjoy!

You Will Need:

1.At least a 12 inch length jewellery cord (available in all good haberdasheries) OR embroidery thread (this may sound generous but its better to start with a long piece and cut it down later, trust me!). Think before about the colour scheme of your bracelet and choose your thread accordingly

2. Buttons! Stick to one or two specific colours, or go wild and use everything!

Note: Buttons which are flatish with holes through them work best for this project. Buttons which have a loop at the back cannot be securely threaded and therefore don’t sit well.

3. A pair of scissors – nail scissors work best to make a nice neat job of it!

That’s it! Told you it would be simple. The best thing about this project is that there is only minimum use of scissors and no glue is involved, so children can join in too.

Step One:

Make a loop at one end of your length of thread by doubling over the thread and tying a secure knot. This will be part of your fastening, and will have a button pushed through it, so while you are making the hole, find a button which will fit through nicely without being too small and put it to one side.

Step Two:

Start threading your button on to your thread. Larger buttons make a bigger statement, but you can always layer two or three buttons on top of one another to use up the smaller buttons (see below)

TOP TIP! Embroidery thread, and even the best jewellery cord can fray, and this is most annoying. To prevent this, wrap a tiny strip of sticky tape around the end of your thread and cut it off when finished!

Step Three:

Your bracelet is taking shape, and at this point you need to start keeping an eye on length. As you will see, threading through buttons (especially if you are layering them) will take up quite a lot of thread, and the 12 inches you started with won’t be looking quite so generous! While you are threading, keep wrapping the bracelet around you wrist to check the length. Everyone’s wrists are different, but it generally takes between 7 and 9 medium to large buttons to make a completed bracelet.

Step Four:

Once you have threaded on all your buttons, thread on the end button (you put it to one side at the start remember?). To secure it, tie a knot using the remaining length of string and trim the end with scissors. Trim the loose end of the loop at the other end of your bracelet too.

Ta Da! A beautiful and unique bracelet and an excellent way of using up all those buttons! A great Christmas present, don’t you think?

We would love to hear what you have to say about our Make – At – Home projects, please leave a comment.

Join us again very soon for a festive Make – At – Home. Handmade Christmas decorations anyone?

Love from The Gallery